domingo, 24 de enero de 2016

2015-2016 B 4th semester


1. Watch the video

2. Answer the following questions

1. What's another name for "grade school?"
 A. Middle
 B. Elementary
 C. Junior

2. For how long do children go to primary school?
 A. For 4 years
 B. For 5 years
 C. For 6 years

3. For how many years do children have to go to school in America?
 A. 11
 B. 12
 C. 13

4. A student can get textbooks in public school for free.
 A. True
 B. False
 C. Not stated

5. What is a Grade 10 student called?
 A. Freshman
 B. Sophomore
 C. Junior

6. Education in a technical college lasts for 3 years.
 A. True
 B. False
 C. Not stated

7. Where do students get a Master's Degree?
 A. Grad school
 B. Post-grad school
 C. Community college

8. What do people do in postgraduate studies?
 A. They study to get a Master's Degree
 B. They study to get a PhD
 C. They study to get an Associate's Degree

9. It's possible to say "college" when referring to a university.
 A. True
 B. False
 C. Not stated


1. Watch the video

2. Answer the following questions


1. The parking lot lights can help people because______________.
 A. people will know where to park
 B. the parking lot will look nicer
 C. people will know where the exits are

2. The coffee mug ______________.
 A. helps people charge their cellphones
 B. is design to avoid messes
 C. is not very useful

3. The portable charger uses ______________ to charge your cellphone.
 A. the cold or hot temperatures of your drink
 B. the hot temperatures of your drink
 C. the cold temperatures of your drink

4. The second type of portable charger uses ______________ to charge your cellphone.
 A. the cold temperatures of the window
 B. the energy of the window
 C. the sun-light reflected in the window

5. The new design of battery helps you save money because ______________.
 A. they are smaller and cheaper
 B. they can be recharged in any computer
 C. they can be recharged anywhere

6. The new invention that can help you save space in the fridge uses ______________ to work.
 A. Magnets
 B. Glue
 C. Pressure

7. Jibo the robot will ______________, ______________ and ______________.
 A. check your facebook, read your emails, educate kids.
 B. order food, take photos, talk to you.
 C. call your friends, order food, answer your texts.

8. The foot handle can help you avoid ______________.
 A. germs and bacteria.
 B. people in the restrooms.
 C. dirty restrooms.

9. Smart eyeglasses debut in ______________ and cost ______________.
 A. 2015 - $60
 B. 2015 - $600
 C. 2015 - $660

10. The straws will be able to ______________
 A. purify water in anyplace
 B. purify water only on lakes
 C. not save people's life

1. Watch the video 
2. Answer the following questions
1) Polymers are constituted of different molecules called ...
 A. Monomers
 B. Carbon
 C. Atoms

2) Polymers belong to the family of ...
 A. Plastics
 B. Alloys
 C. Ceramics

3) To create polymers, monomers must be ... .
 A. stuck
 B. bonded
 C. screwed

4) Polymers can be ...
 A. natural
 B. synthetic
 C. natural or synthetic

5) What are the different examples of natural polymers ?
 A. DNA, proteins, and cellulose
 B. DNA, carbohydrates, and sugars
 C. Proteins, sugars, and RNA

6) Can polymers have different sizes ?
 A. Yes
 B. No
 C. It depends on moon phases

7) Polymers have the same configuration all the time.
 A. Right
 B. Wrong
 C. It depends on the weather

8) What are the various properties of polymers ?
 A. Rigid and strong or flexible
 B. Flexible and conductive
 C. Biodegradable and conductive

9) What type of animals are scientists studying ? What for?
 A. Pigs, for the molecules present in their skins
 B. Spiders, for their silk
 C. Turtles, for their shells

10) What are the specific properties of this natural material ?
 A. Strong and supple
 B. Rigid and weak
 C. Conductive and acts as insulator

11) Polymers are ... materials.
 A. useless
 B. useful
 C. much used

12) This will allow them to create new kinds of materials that are ...
 A. easier to recycle
 B. better to cycle
 C. more breakable

13) These new, polymer-based materials can fix ...
 A. our shelves
 B. themselves
 C. everything

14) What does the word polymer literally mean ?
 A. body parts
 B. many parts
 C. ace of hearts

1. Watch the video

2. Answer the following questions

1. The speaker is ______________ at MIT.
 A. an engineer
 B. a student
 C. a professor

2. He works for the ____________ Department.
 A. IT
 B. Research
 C. Health Sciences & Technology

3. The breakthrough showcased here enables a remote measurement of vitals like _____________.
 A. heart rate and respiration rate
 B. temperature and pulse
 C. blood pressure and respiration rate

4. One of the upsides of this technology is that it allows the patient to _____________.
 A. look at themselves in a mirror
 B. keep record of their vitals
 C. take their temperature whenever they wish to

5. A "two-way mirror" means _____________.
 A. you can see without being seen
 B. You can look at yourself from either side of the mirror
 C. the mirror shows your image from two different angles

6. This health mirror comprises ______________.
 A. a mirror and a camera
 B. a monitor and a sensor
 C. a monitor and a camera

7. Your data ______________________.
 A. are for safe keeping
 B. are for personnal use only
 C. can be sent to your physician

8. Over time this recording allows ___________.
 A. to spot any deviations from a usual pattern
 B. to communicate with your health-care providers
 C. to alter your health pattern


1. Watch the video

2. Answer the following questions

1.Language has been regarded for many centuries as _________of the human mind.
 A.a design feature
 B.a distinctive feature
 C.a distinct feature

2.Language is ________
 A.a biological tour
 B.a biological rule
 C.a biological tool

3.We all come from somewhere in ________.
 A.East Africa
 B.West Africa
 C.South Africa

4.The languages that now exist on Earth only go back about _________
 A.30,000 years
 B.40,000 years
 C.50,000 years

5.Genetic evidence demostrates that the oldest people on the planet were _______
 A.Caucasian people
 B.Khoisan people
 C.Toisan people

6.Some people believe that the oldest sounds on Earth are ________
 A.chimp sounds sounds
 C.Greek sounds
1. Watch the video

2. Answer the following questions
1.The teacher doesn't know the poet can't read because she doesn't ___________.
 A.notice him in the big class
 B.try to teach reading
 C.see him copy his friends' homework

2.The poet acts like the class clown because he ______.
 A.loves getting attention from his friends
 B.wants to hide that he can't read
 C.thinks school is really boring

3.The school passes the poet to the next grade level because he ________.
 A.tries so hard to do his schoolwork
 B.has such a positive attitude
 C.helps the school win basketball games

4.We can infer that the ghetto is a place that ________.
 A.makes families strong young people a good start in life
 C.makes people want to leave

5.The poet gives reasons why he can't read. He thinks that ________. one can fix the problem
 B.blaming people doesn't fix the problem
 C.everyone is working together to fix the problem

6.The poet's family dreams that he will give them a better life by ___________.
 A.becoming a pro basketball star
 B.getting a college scholarship
 C.graduating and working hard in a good job

7.When his knee snapped, the poet knew that ______.
 A.his family would never love him again
 B.he would never play sports again
 C.his school would never allow him to graduate

8.When the poet was "running down the lane," he was _______.
 A.running away from school
 B.running in a back street
 C.running across the basketball court

9.When the poet was injured, he hid his pain because he didn't want ______. show he was hurt disappoint his family look weak in front of his friends

10.When the poet asks, "What are my options?" he means ________.
 A."What choices or opportunities do I have?"
 B.he knows what his choices are
 C.he knows which option to choose
1. Watch the video
2. Answer the following questions

1.Why does the professor leave the children alone in a room? see if they will stay there see if they will eat the marshmallow see if they will bring him coffee in two hours

2.What happens when the professor leaves the room?
 A.two out of three kids eat the marshmallow
 B.all of the kids eventually eat the marshmallow
 C.some of the kids eat the marshmallow and then walk around the room

3.What does "the ability to delay gratification" mean?
 A.being able to wait for what you want
 B.being able to get things from others
 C.being able to get what you want right away

4.The professor found that _________ of the children who didn't eat the marshmallow were successful later in life.
 A.almost all

5.How many of the kids that ate the marshmallow were having trouble later in life?
 A.not many
 C.a lot

6.What happened in Colombia?
 A.Posada replicated the experiment and got the same results
 B.Posada replicated the experiment and got different results
 C.Posada did a different experiment with hispanic kids

7.Why does Posada think it is important to teach kids not to eat the marshmallow?
 A.because kids that eat too many marshmallows will make them fat
 B.Posada doesn't really care about marshmallows --they're just a metaphor
 C.because kids in America are eating more marshmallows than they are producing


1. Watch the video

2. Answer the following questions

1.The word "Bludger" stands for..
 A.A crazy person
 B.A lazy person
 C.A mad person

2.Replace the word or expression in Capitals for a suitable one: "I'm REALLY PLEASED with my new job"

3.Replace the word or expression in Capitals for a suitable one. "Let's go and buy a CAN OF BEER""
 A.Liquor store

4.When someone is "as mad as a cut snake", it means that..
 A.The person is very angry
 B.The person is crazy
 C.The person is crying

5.The opposite of "TRUE BLUE" is..
 A.Fair dinkum

6.When somebody "has a few kangaroos loose in the top paddock", we say that the person we are describing is..
 A.mentally changed
 B.mentally challenged
 C.mentally chased


2. Answer the following questions


1. According to the doctor, sexual health is...
 A. having a respectful and responsible attitude towards sexuality.
 B. to know by heart every sexual transmitted disease.
 C. to go to the doctor every month to check if you got AIDS.

2. Just by looking at your partner you...
 A. cannot tell if your partner has an STD
 B. can notice all the STD's symptoms.
 C. can know whether he has AIDS or Chlamydia.

3. One of the doctor's recommendations before having sex with your partner is...
 A. telling him/her that if he/she has AIDS you're going to dump on him/her.
 B. going to the doctor and get tested with your partner.
 C. going to a restaurant and order some seafood.

4. What did the colored- woman developed after having sex?
 A. a blister.
 B. a baby in her belly.
 C. a rash.

5. Is confidentiality important for these teenagers?
 A. They value a lot that what they tell the doctor remain confidential.
 B. They agree that if necessary their mothers should know about their issue.
 C. They usually like to publish on facebook their STD's diseases.

6. What really surprises these teenagers is that oral sex?
 A. is quite healthy.
 B. is really dangerous for your health.
 C. may also lead you to get a STD.



2. Answer the following questions

1. According to Vanessa Van Edwards, charisma...
 a. can be learned.
 b. needs years of practicing to achieve it.
 c. can't be increased.

2. Why embracing their imperfections, makes charismatic people more likeable?
 a. Because people appear as more perfect.
 b. Because people can't see their imperfections.
 c. Because people can relate to them.

3. How do charismatic people avoid being conversational narcissists?
 a. Focusing on themselves.
 b. Focusing on gossip.
 c. Focusing on the other people.

4. Why gossip is definitely not an option among charismatic people?
 a. People who listen to gossip damage their own reputation.
 b. People who gossip damage their own reputation.
 c. People don't like to gossip.

5. Why is it important to use your hands when you are talking?
 a. That is a polite way to show respect.
 b. People weigh you as more trustworthy.
 c. That will make you more charismatic.

6. What is a good way to know if your eye contact is good?
 a. Keep eye contact long enough to notice the other person's eye color.
 b. Keep eye contact for at least 5 minutes.
 c. Keep eye contact only if the other person shows interest.



MARCH 15th

2. Answer the following questions


1) Who is Murtuza Vasowalla?
 a. Murtuza Vasollawa is a system engineer
 b. Murtuza Vaso walla is the director of "Global Solutions Consulting"
 c. Murtuza Vasollawa is an actor

2) What question is he answering?
 a. What makes a great quality management system?
 b. Do you think electronic systems are important for a company?
 c. What do you think about quality management systems?

3) Why was this question put to him?
 a. Because he masters the subject.
 b. Because he is a company director.
 c. Because he likes discussing with journalists.

4) What is Murtuza Vasowalla's view of what a good Quality Management system is?
 a. To him, a good Quality Management system is to think about what we say.
 b. To him, a good Quality Management system takes into account the expectations of the Human Resources manager.
 c. To him, a good Quality Management system is an orderly system, based on an excellent documentary system.

5) How many keys does he give to answer the question?
 a. He gives ten keys.
 b. He gives five keys.
 c. He gives one essential element.

6) What is the first argument given by Murtuza Vasowalla?
 a. It is important to have an excellent manager.
 b. It is important to have a motivated staff.
 c. A good quality management system is based above all on a good documentary system.

7) What does he think of electronic systems?
 a. He thinks that he has to invest more money.
 b. He only thinks about the profit of the company.
 c. Electronic systems are essential to implement an effective management system.

8) He is a reliable adviser...
 a. Yes, because it is his job and he has experience in the field he is dealing with.
 b. No, he should keep his advice to himself.
 c. No, he should not give advice.

9) According to him, why should the computer systems result from one and the same supplier?
 a. To abide by Business regulations.
 b. For reasons of reliabilities, and confidentiality, to avoid problems.
 c. For personal reasons.

10) What is he afraid of?
 a. his employees
 b. nothing
 c. computing problems, or computing bugs


MARCH 17th

2. Answer the following questions
1) With neuroscience, the Science Guys destroy the myth: ___________.
 a. "Nice guys finish last."
 b. "Being nice gets you nowhere."
 c. "Don't mistake niceness for weakness."

2) They illustrate their theory with a problem: ________
 a. The Stockholm Syndrome
 b. The Prisoner's Dilemma
 c. The Prisoner of Zenda

3) In a card game, two people face off with two cards in their hands. One says COOPERATE and the other, ________.

4) If both players choose COOPERATE, then they both win _______.
 a. $30
 b. $300
 c. $3000

5) From this play, we can infer that ____________.
 a. it is always better to disagree with someone
 b. it is always better to cooperate with someone
 c. it is always better to walk away from someone who cooperates because they are phony

6) If one player plays COOPERATE and the other plays DEFECT, the person who plays DEFECT ___________.
 a. loses $500
 b. wins $500
 c. loses the game

7) If I were to play DEFECT, your best move would be to play ______ because you haven't lost so much money.

8) If I were to play COOPERATE, your best move would be to play _______ because you would win the most money.

9) No matter what the other does, _______ is always our best and most logical move.

10) Scientists through computer technology have created the best strategy to win the most money. It is called ______.

11) The best move to make money is ___________. You will win the most amount of money.
 a. to walk away from an opponent.
 b. to copy the first move of your opponent.
 c. to copy the last move of your opponent.

12) TIT for TAT helps us avoid _________.
 a. getting pooped over and over
 b. getting roped over and over
 c. getting duped over and over

13) Neuroscience has determined that cooperation, forgiveness and _________have the longest-lasting effects.
 a. non-jealous behavior
 b. non-envious behavior
 c. non-participatory behaviour

14) Non-envious people are: _________.
 a. angry when other people win money
 b. indifferent when other people win money
 c. happy when other people win money

15) Devious strategies that try to trick or defect more often ____.
 a. win the game
 b. scored the best over the long term
 c. scored the worst over the long term

16) Selfish birds are completely _________ from bird communities; in other words, no one wants to associate with them.
 a. stunned
 b. shunned
 c. shone

17) A synonym for "mean and nasty" is "_______."
 a. devout
 b. devious
 c. developing

18) In the end, science teaches us that ____________. I help you; you help me; and ultimately, we'll all do better----end of scientific experiment.
 a. "nice guys finish rich"
 b. "nice guys finish first"
 c. "nice guys finish last"


1. Watch the video

2. Answer the following questions
1) Lin-Manuel Mirandna says that Emma Watson is an amazing beatboxer and she comments that
 a. he's smiling
 b. he's lying
 c. he's right

2) Lin-Manuel Miranda asks "What am I freestyling about?" and Emma answers
 a. gender problems
 b. gems in Africa
 c. gender equality

3) Is Lin-Manuel Miranda a feminist?
 a. Yes, absolutely.
 b. Yes, a little.
 c. Yes, occasionally.

4) To Emma's comment "This is gonna be bad", Lin-Manuel answers
 a. It's gonna be awful.
 b. It's gonna be OK.
 c. It's gonna be amazing.

5) In the rap, Lin-Manuel says "Women are like half of the people on earth" and adds...
 a. They should have been equal since birth
 b. They should have been quiet since then
 c. They should have done nothing.

6) What does Lin-Manuel think of them as a team?
 a. He thinks they are no good.
 b. He thinks they are just ok
 c. He thinks they are they are the beatbox dream team

7) What is Emma Watson's reaction at the end of the beatbox?
 a. She is proud of herself
 b. She says she is the colour of a tomato
 c. She wants to eat a tomato


1. Watch the video

2. Answer the following questions
1) How many deaths are caused by alcohol-related accidents ?
 a. 6,000
 b. 100,000
 c. 16,000

2) How do you call brain cells ?
 a. synapses
 b. neurons
 c. dendrites

3) ___ are like a vast telephone network.
 a. Neurons
 b. Neuron's
 c. Neuron

4) Messages are _______ electronically from one spot to another
 a. concealed
 b. conveyed
 c. converged

5) The neurotransmitters are released from the tips of these _____
 a. branches
 b. brunches
 c. brenchi

6) How do you call the tiny space between the cells ?
 a. synapse
 b. neurotransmitter
 c. dendrite

7) What does jammed mean ?
 a. something that can get through the cells
 b. something that you can spread on your toast
 c. something that is blocked

8) The brain is made __ billion cells called neurons
 a. from of
 b. about of
 c. up of

9) What are the effects of alcohol on your brain ?
 a. it blocks receptors from chemical messengers
 b. it blocks synapses from chemical messengers
 c. it releases receptors from chemical messengers

APRIL 12th

1. Watch the video

2. Answer the following questions
1) Why did the Russians want to sell Alaska?
 a. They didn't want this land
 b. Because of the debts from the Crimean War
 c. In order to establish good relationships with America

2) What was the name of Secretary of State who wanted to buy Alaska?
 a. William Seward
 b. George Bilson
 c. Harry Maine

3) Why did he want to buy ALaska?
 a. Because of its beautiful landscape
 b. In order to weaken Russia
 c. Because of its potential resources

4) How do you understand a word "go-ahead"?
 a. desire
 b. official permission
 c. official statement

5) What is a "walrus"?
 a. an Arctic marine animal
 b.  a type of bird
 c. a type of fish

6) When did they sign the Treaty of Cessation?
 a. On March 30, 1867
 b. On February 13, 1867
 c. On June 22, 1876

7)  What was the sum of the deal?
 a. $7.8 million
 b. $10 million
 c. $7.2 million

8) Did Americans approve of this purchase?
 a. Yes, they did
 b. No, they didn't
 c. The majority of them viewed it as a folly

9) What is an icebox?
 a. a box made of ice
 b. a refrigerator
 c. a box where you keep ice

10) When did Alaska become a U.S. territory?
 a. Nearly 3 years later
 b. Nearly one year later
 c. It is not an American territory

APRIL 14th

1. Watch the video

2. Answer the following questions
1) Which channel broadcasts Pretty Little Liars?
 a. BBC Family
 b. ABC Family
 c. ABC

2) What do the girls hide from people?
 a. Alison's corpse
 b. The daily paper
 c. Plenty of secrets

3) Who has disappeared?
 a. A.
 b. Alison
 c. Emily

4)The girls think about someone everyday. Who is it?
 a. Alison
 b. A.
 c. The new teacher

5) Which series has been produced by the same persons?
 a. 90210
 b. Revenge
 c. Gossip Girl

6) Why is Aria shocked when she recognizes the new teacher Mr Fitz?
 a. Because he is her boyfriend
 b. Because it's her father
 c. Because she detests him

7) Who did the girls recieve anonymous messages from?
 a. Alison
 b. A.
 c. The policeman

8) Who is the person who knows everything about personnal messages?
 a. Emily
 b. Alison
 c. Aria

9) Whose body has been discovered in a garden?
 a. Mr Fitz
 b. Emily's mother
 c. Alison

10) According to the policeman, what type of death is it?
 a. A murder
 b. A suicide
 c. Natural death

11) Why are the girls worried about what the policeman thinks
 a. Because they killed someone
 b. Because they have secrets
 c. Because they are in collusion with the murder

12) When was the World premiere of Pretty Little Liars?
 a. Thursday, on July 8th
 b. Monday, on July 9th
 c. Tuesday, on June 8th


MAY 17th

1. Watch the video

2. Answer the following questions
1) What is the man's reaction when eating an insect ?
 a. disgusted
 b. spicy
 c. tasty

2) Who believe that insects could be the answer to starvation
 a. EN agriculture
 b. UN agriculture
 c. AN agriculture

3) For ten kg of food, insects gives_______of meat.
 a. 6 to 8 kg
 b. 1 kg
 c. 10 kg

4) What are the environmental benefits of insects farms ?
 a. more greenhouse gas for agriculture
 b. less greenhouse gas and manure
 c. less green mouse gas and manure

5) Why is insects meat better than cow or pig meat?
 a. low in fat and low in proteins
 b. high in fat and high in proteins
 c. low in fat and high in proteins

6) Having a bit of ______ or a scorpions in starter is nothing new in part of Africa or here in Thailand.
 a. Beetles
 b. Beatles
 c. Bottles

7) the idea of gobbling down some___________ or even______.
 a. gummy grubs / a Bug mac
 b. gummy grubs / a Big mac
 c. bunny grubs / a Bug mac

8) Research suggests most of us unwittingly eat about
 a. four hundred grams of insect's particules every week.
 b. fifty hundred grams of insect's particules every year.
 c. five hundred grams of insect's particules every year.

MAY 19th
1. Watch the video

2. Answer the following questions
1) What is social media?
 a. Primarily internet or cellular phone based applications and tools to share information among people.
 b. An organisation that seeks to integrate different websites.
 c. It is a book that explains what the new technologies are.

2) Where did social media start?
 a. It started very long time ago, in the 80s.
 b. It all started when Facebook was created.
 c. The first type of social media hit the mainstream in 1997 with blogging.

3) What was the name of the company who introduced a chat function so that users could communicate across the globe with the instant messages service?
 a. OIL
 b. AOL

4) What is the right order of appearance of these digital apps that were the predecessors of Facebook?
 a. Friendster, Myspace, Friends Reunited.
 b. Friends Reunited, Friendster, Myspace.
 c. Friendster, Friends Reunited, Myspace.

5) What two famous British bands used Myspace to showcase their music?
 a. Arctic monkeys and and Tom Jones.
 b. Arctic monkeys and Lily Allen.
 c. Lily Allen and John Lennon.

6) When did Podcasts appeared?
 a. 2009
 b. 1999
 c. 2003

7) What is the name of the social media that for the first time allowed people to store and retrieve videos?
 a. Flickr
 b. Linkedin
 c. Youtube

8) Apart from letting members send and receive tweets, the micro-blogging site Twitter also lets:
 a. People get closer to celebrities, read what they are doing and communicate with them.
 b. People call their favourite celebrities and send them pictures.
 c. People sing to other members of the platform.

9) From 2009 to the present day, we have seen new additions to the social media world, like for example:
 a. Just the appearance of Google+.
 b. Tumblr, Pinterest, Google+, Wordpress, Instagram.
 c. Just a new version of Facebook.

10) Nowadays, what are the main advantages of social media?
 a. They are vital for people s lives and business and they offer quick access to news.
 b. They are for free and it is difficult to control who is using them.
 c. The privacy they give to the member s personal details.


MAY 24th
1. Watch the video

2. Answer the following questions
1) Where does the documentary take place ?
 a. on Park Avenue
 b. In Central Park
 c. In Times Square

2) How many children are homeless ?
 a. 20,000
 b. 40,000
 c. 25,000

3) Who gets sent for extra nourishment?
 a. children
 b. friends of families
 c. parents

4) What happened to the man in the ambulance ?
 a. He struggled in freezing temperatures
 b. He was attacked
 c. He committed suicide

5) What's the temperature in streets ?
 a. -20°C
 b. -17°C
 c. -23°C

6) What's the solution for families to avoid becoming homeless ?
 a. to live with another family
 b. to rent a house
 c. to live in campers

7) What does the third homeless person say ?
 a. All nations rise and fall, but America is falling
 b. All nations rise, but America is falling
 c. All nations fall and America also

8) What about for The American Dream for the homeless ?
 a. It's false
 b. It's no longer real
 c. It's real

9) Manhattan has the biggest... ?
 a. Gap between rich and poor
 b. Island
 c. Commercial market

10) The winter will soon over, but the homeless crisis... ?
 a. will stagnate
 b. will stop
 c. will persist


MAY 26th
1. Watch the video

2. Answer the following questions

1) What does the teacher want to show us how to decode?
 a. Egyptian writing
 b. Egyptian pyramids
 c. Egyptian hieroglyphics

2) What is worth two in Sheperd's Bush?
 a. A bird in the hand
 b. A hand off the bird
 c. A bird's nest

3) What is the name in the second line?
 a. Jane
 b. John
 c. June

4) What did he want to pull in the second story?
 a. A couple of birds
 b. Some birds
 c. No birds

5) What did the bird have?
 a. A pair of fantastic door furnitures
 b. A pair of fantastic knockers
 c. A pair of fantastic door handles

6) Complete the sentence: 'I said...
 a. see a date?'
 b. ...fancy a date?'
 c. she add eight?'